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Who said there's no such thing as a female ejaculation?

For some people, female ejaculation is a myth. However, people have shared their video in porn and we now know that's not the case. Thanks to a site like MomPornOnly, you can enjoy many videos of women fountains. These videos show just how much fun a pussy can have spraying all over the tile floor just from a good fuck. The orgasm comes after an immense pleasure during an intense fuck during which the clitoris explodes and makes all the pleasure accumulated during the sex romp burst out. If you have ever seen a woman do this, you will know that it is one of the sexiest things there is, because during this moment of pleasure the woman is at your mercy and she succumbs to the pleasure. For a guy it gives you a lot of confidence because you know that if your wife has an ejaculation it is because you have done your job and you have given her maximum pleasure. While having fun yourself, isn't that the goal of every man?

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