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You know the new phenomenon on youtube called ASMR? Well there's a variant of it in porn called JOI for Jerk-Off instructions. These porn videos show a beautiful woman masturbating while talking to you. She orders you to jerk off or not. She gives you orders while touching herself to make the desire in you rise. This bitch is playing you and you love it! That's when we at decided to offer a GAME category with as a contestant only of beautiful bitchy milfs. These little mommies are touching and talking to you to get you all excited! So you who thought you'd seen it all in porn, come and try it on. this new category! We're sure you'll come back regularly to be dictated to by a dirty mummy hungry for big cocks!

What exactly is the JOI?

JOI is as said above the English acronym for Jerk Off Instructions which could be translated here as Instructions for Jerk Off! The purpose of this rather recent category is that a woman who's often solo and a little bit dominant tells you how to jerk off. It is a game of teasing streap tease and domination rather soft which allows to create an interaction between that cute little actress who dominates you and you watching the video and doing your bidding. If you feel ready to obey hot, slutty moms who masturbate, then don't hesitate! The level of domination varies between soft domination and that which may seem more extreme. It is up to you to gauge the level that suits you in this universe in order to get the most pleasure out of it. The JOI Porn category could be just what you're looking for! If not, you can always find a category that might satisfy you in our list! Or if you'd rather give your orders and watch sluts touching each other live so don't hesitate to visit our webcam page! The sluts on the webcam page are all live!

Do you prefer beautiful blonde moms?

No problem, as mentioned above, at MomPornOnly we have a large number of categories available and we also accept categories that you suggest! If you find that
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