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Alexis Fawx is a well-known milf in the porn world and more particularly in the MILFS world since she won in 2020 the MILF Performer of the Year award, an award that comes to crown her long career in porn since she made her first shoot in the porn industry in 2010! She was born in 1975 in Pennsylvania, she has long blond hair, thin legs and is rather small (163cm) with very big breasts. This milf is a real slut known in the industry for her scenes of female ejaculation rather impressive and hard as she spurts everywhere and in large quantities as well as her bisexual performances. She is ranked 42nd on the famous website This milf is incredibly hot with her divine body, her beautiful breasts and her superb ass! She often plays the role of the cougar because what Alexis Fawx likes above all is to fuck young people and teach them the rudiments of sex! An inveterate cocksucker she never hesitates for a second to grab a cock firmly and suck good cocks while lingering on the dick, but that’s not all as she also assumes to love sodomy, for her, nothing beats a good big young cock in her big ass. A lover of creampie, of wild double penetration, she doesn’t hide her bondage side. Often with a bit of pussy hair in order to get what is commonly called a subway ticket she loves getting fucked on video. She describes herself as cute and clumsy, younger she used to go to dance clubs in Washington DC, Baltimore, Maryland and New York City. After her studies in a small Pennsylvania town, Alexis Fawx decided to join the US Air Force like her father before her. Then in 2010 Alexis Fawx began her career in porn and quickly signed with BangBros and RealityKings. Several times nominated for awards in the world of porn his consecration comes however only recently since Alexis Fawx wins the MILF Performer of the Year award in 2020, a major consecration in the world of porn that finally comes in addition to his many minor titles won. Alexis Fawx outside of porn loves to indulge her passions which are skydiving, boxing and kayaking, a sportswoman in herself which allows us to easily guess where her shapes come from and are MILF’s divine body!

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