he fucks his stepmom in secret

47 788 views • 12 Jun. 2020

He secretly fucks his mother while his father is in the other room, on the other side of the door, but he doesn’t realize it. He comes into the room by chance and sees his mother-in-law in a bra and panties, then she tells him to pretend he is leaving and discreetly comes back into the room. He comes back and she waits for him on the bed, touching his tits, and orders him to pull out his cock. I don’t need to tell you the rest in detail, you know how it will end. Of course she gets taken apart by her son, she screams as if she’s never been fucked like that before. But her husband doesn’t hear anything, she keeps getting up in every sense of the word, and those without a condom. He fucked her mother with her father right next door, without him noticing, how lucky he is!